Sureline Initiation Systems

“Safety and Efficiency Whatever and Wherever the Application”

EDL is the only UK Company that locally manufactures shock-tube and assembles shock-tube in-hole detonators and surface connectors at our Brock’s facilities near Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire in Scotland

This allows EDL to make Sureline products according to your individual requirements, cutting to specific lengths.
It also means that urgent requests and deliveries can be met quickly,

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The following Sureline detonators are supplied

Down line 4.5M 6.0M 7.5M 9.0M 12.0M 15.0M 18.0M 21.0M 24.0M 30.0M 35.0M
Trunk line 4.5M 6.0M 7.5M 9.0M              
Lead line 50M 100M 200M                

We also supply in tandem with our Sureline detonators 150g, 250g, 450g, and 500g boosters.

Sureline Shock-Tube

Sureline shock-tube is a non-disruptive, non-electrical, low signature shock transmission tube that is used to initiate a variety of instant or delay commercial non-electric detonators so that the safety and efficiency of the delay blasting process can be enhanced.

Product Quality

We are proud of our product quality and so all EDL products carry the ISO 9000 seal of quality and are CE marked.

Product Testing

Our products are rigorously tested and quality control checked as part of our routine production process.


All our packaged and Sureline range comply with COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 2008/43/EC, which introduced a system for the identification and traceability of explosives for civil use.

Sureline products available

Sureline Signal Transmission Tube (Shock-Tube)
Download Safety Sheetor call +44-1759-305568 for more information.

Sureline Non-Electric Shock-Tube Downline Detonators
Download Safety Sheetor call +44-1759-305568 for more information.