In order for EDL to get its products to where they are needed we have a fleet of delivery vehicles and quality bulk Mobile Explosive Manufacturing Units (MEMU)

All our explosives delivery, MEMU and other vehicles are satellite tracked to ensure complete security.

EDL constructs its own MEMU to suit local conditions and ensure consistently high quality on-site Sureblend emulsion manufacture.

We are able to do this quicker than competitors due to our ‘in house’ UK manufacturing facility.

This offers the benefit of enabling us to maintain and service this highly computer controlled equipment in-house at low cost. We also do not believe in tying up capital in MEMU that are not being used, rather we make them to order to meet contract start dates.

EDL also offers fully contained trailer-mounted mixer-units.

This gives all the benefits the truck driven MEMU does but can be readily available for completely off road blasting and green field site work.

A MEMU can be provided either as part of a self-operated lease deal at your quarry giving autonomy to your blasting or as a reliable customised pre booked one off shot basis. We are also able to supply MEMU as part of a full ‘rock on the ground’ drill and blast scenario.

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