Explosives Developments Limited or EDL as we are known in the industry, began in 1980 and operated from premises in Seaton Ross near York where we developed and manufactured our own packaged explosives.

In 1988

In 1988 we acquired Brocks Explosives in Sanquhar, Western Scotland which specialised in the manufacture of military pyrotechnic products such as smoke generators and bird scaring devices.

It was at Brocks that we commenced the design and manufacture of our Sureline initiation products for use in the aggregates and quarry industry.

To expand our operation we transferred our packaged explosives to a purpose built site at Harthill factory in Scotland, which then became our main production and distribution centre.

In 1996

In 1996 we bought our head office premises in Pocklington near York. This saw EDL really grow as we started a regime of new product and back integration to improve the quality and performance of our existing product range.

EDL is much more

However, EDL is more than bulk emulsion explosives and shock-tube detonators. EDL has had particular success in back integration of surfactants for our emulsion matrix production.

We are particularly proud of our construction and development of Mobile Emulsion Manufacturing Units or MEMU. The first prototype was built in 1996 at Pocklington and has been developed into a formidable industry leader for safe on-site emulsion manufacture and down hole explosive delivery.

Our Surefire initiators and Rocklock stemming plugs products are manufactured for us by associated companies.

In Summary

In summary, EDL is involved in the manufacture or provision of the following services;

  • Ammonium nitrate emulsion (ANE) for bulk emulsion explosives
  • Emulsifier for production and stabilization of emulsions
  • Non gassing technology for Sureblend density control and sensitivity
  • Shock-tube
  • Assembly of Sureline shock-tube detonators and surface connectors
  • Surefire shock-tube initiators
  • Rocklock stemming plugs
  • Bulk emulsion manufacturing unts or mobile explosive manufacturing units (MEMU)
  • Contracts for complete drilling and blasting solutions
  • ExploMet velocity of detonation (VOD) equipment
  • Storage of Class 1.1 and specialist explosives (licenses for three sites)
  • Transport and storage of ANE
  • Satellite tracking of explosives box-vans, MEMUs and other vehicles
  • Alarm monitoring of explosives storage facilities
  • Technical support and consultancy services
  • In-house engineering and maintenance capability